Should egalitarians care about fair equality of opportunity in unjust societies?

Almost everybody believes in equal opportunities (EO), that is, in a meritocratic allocation of jobs; and many endorse fair equality of opportunity (FEO) which, in addition to careers open to talent, demands that everybody’s talents be equally cultivated.  » …Read more

The deadline to apply to the Athena in Action event at Cornell, June 16-19, 2020 has been extended until January 27th.

“Athena in Action:  A Networking and Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy brings together a group of graduate students with a group of women faculty mentors for three days of substantive philosophical discussion and professional advice sessions.”  » …Read more

We’re excited to announce our next Ethics discussion, which will be about “Profile Evidence, Fairness and the Risks of Mistaken Convictions,” by Marcello Di Bello and Collin O’Neil. The paper is available through open access here. David Wasserman will kick off the discussion with a critical précis.  » …Read more