Thanks to Iskra Fileva’s and Olivia Bailey’s suggestion, we are happy to have PEA Soup host sessions that had been scheduled for the now-cancelled Pacific APA. These include colloquia, symposia, and author-meets-critics sessions in moral and/or political philosophy, broadly construed to include agency & responsibility.  » …Read more

There are a lot of reasons to try to make virtual conferences work. They are much less expensive to attend and thus much more inclusive. They are much better for the environment. And they have the potential to save a lot of travel time. One does not have to think there are no drawbacks to virtual conferences compared to the real thing to think they are very much worth exploring.  » …Read more

Chad van Schoelandt and I welcome you to the discussion of Maxime Lepoutre’s “Rage inside the machine: Defending the place of anger in democratic speech.” To kick off the discussion, we have a précis from Krisanna Scheiter and reply from Lepoutre.  » …Read more