From Mark Timmons: I am pleased to announce a call for abstracts for the Eleventh Annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics (WiNE) that will be held in Tucson, Arizona on January 16-18, 2020. Abstracts are welcome in any area or on any topic in normative ethical theory (to be distinguished as well as possible from metaethics,  » …Read more

Medical advances have provided the possibility to screen for a variety of conditions during pregnancy. This can offer parents the opportunity to prepare to raise a child with those conditions, or to terminate the pregnancy if they determine that there is reason to avoid bringing a child into the world with the condition.  » …Read more

Broome (2019) discusses several philosophers who have denied that individual people cause harm via emissions and resultant climate change. He calls these philosophers “individual denialists”. Influential examples include Sinnott-Armstrong (2005), Kingston and Sinnott-Armstrong (2018),  » …Read more

Welcome to what we expect will be a very interesting and productive discussion of Matthew Rendall’s “Discounting, Climate Change and the Ecological Fallacy.” The paper is published in the most recent issue of Ethics, and is available here.  » …Read more

Welcome to our Ethics review forum on John Oberdiek’s Imposing Risk: A Normative Framework (OUP 2017), reviewed by Madeleine Hayenhjelm. Excerpts from the blurb and the review are below, but you can read both in their entirety via OUP’s website and Ethics,  » …Read more

Are you interested in one or more Asian Philosophy?  Would you like help integrating Asian Philosophies into your teaching, reading, or research plans? Would you like help identifying speakers to give talks that connect with Asian Philosophies? Would you like to know about events and opportunities to chair/comment?

Consider the following case, culled from the authors’ lived experiences (with slight modifications). You are in the fortunate position of marrying into a family with the financial means to offset a substantial amount of the cost of an otherwise unaffordable wedding. During the planning, after the costs have been offset,  » …Read more