I’m very pleased to announce that the winner of the $250 “Applied Ethics April” prize is Kian Mintz-Woo, for the post “How Would We Know if We Made a Climate Difference?” Congratulations, and thanks for the great post and discussion!  » …Read more

We are pleased to announce the next PEA Soup Quarterly Topic (with Awards)!! Every third month, from here on out, we will invite submissions from any of our readers for posts on the Soup about a particular topic in moral and political philosophy. Next up: “Normative Ethics July”!  » …Read more

Welcome to our discussion of Thomas Rowe and Alex Voorhoeve’s “Egalitarianism under Severe Uncertainty”!

Brian Jabarian has graciously provided a critical précis, which includes an overview of Rowe & Voorhoeve’s view and arguments,  » …Read more

The epistemic domain is evaluative. It contains normative facts: you should think Trump is a toss-up to win re-election; reasons: your reason to believe Stephen Miller’s couldn’t write a traffic ticket; evaluative claims: knowing Donald Jr. was too ignorant to engage in criminal conspiracy is better than merely believing he was;  » …Read more

We are very pleased to announce our next Philosophy & Public Affairs discussion, the first with myself and Peter M. Jaworski as newly appointed organizers! The discussion on May 15-16 will focus on Thomas Rowe and Alex Voorhoeve’s “  » …Read more

From Joachim Horvath & Alex Wiegmann:

We would like to invite you to an online experiment on moral judgments.
In the experiment, you will be asked to judge for several cases whether
the agent in the scenario should perform a certain action.  » …Read more