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  1. Welcome, Jamie! Welcome, anyway, to the above-the-fold part of PEA Soup. Okay, “welcome” just seems strange in this context, kinda like when Ichiro Suzuki won Rookie of the Year in 2001.

  2. Yes, I am very glad to see Robert’s piss-taking faux-dig on Jamie. All this politeness was making me uncomfortable. Also, and this is radical, I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be fun to have a Pea-Soup basketball pool next year, open to all. If nothing else, it could improve the trash-talking around here.

  3. Welcome Jamie! David, I think that’s a great idea. Who’s going to win it this year then? As long as I’m where I am now, I trying to get myself to support Tar Heels. They do seem to have a good chance. Go, Tar Heels, Go! I hope that’s convincing enough…

  4. Welcome Jamie!
    And David, for what it’s worth – I’m currently running a pool that originated among the philosophy grad students at Brown back in the early ’90s.
    Appropriately enough, the pool rules came to include a Dreier proviso, such that ones bracket must include only logically possible states of affairs (given NCAA tournament rules) – so no picking Southern Illinois to lose in the first round, and also to win it all. I can’t remember if Jamie actually submitted such a bracket, or just threatened to do so.
    Anyway, next year I’d be happy to send out invites to PEA-Soupers. Or are we looking for a purely peasoupish experience?

  5. If the Brownies have some extra money they are willing to give me next year, by all means let’s get it on.

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