10 Replies to “Welcome Antti Kauppinen

  1. Tervetuloa! Tämähän on hauska yllätys. Ehkä Teemukin saataisiin vielä mukaan niin olisi koko jengi koossa.

  2. Thanks, guys! I’m a little intimidated by the level of discussions here – I’m used to blogging about stuff I don’t yet know much about, but I don’t think I can get away with that any more!
    Jussi, pitää varmaan postata kaikki kahdella kielellä tästä eteenpäin…

  3. Okay, easy on the umlauts, guys. We need those — they’re also used as colons.
    You don’t see Gunnar squandering double-dots, and he has a better excuse.

  4. Great to have you as contributor. Welcome!
    I think that we’re all a bit intimidated by the level of discussion here. Even so, I think that the blog would flourish more if we weren’t all so intimidated and were thus willing to post more half-baked ideas. I’ve certainly tried to do my part here to bring down the general quality of the discussion, but to no avail.

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