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Workshop on Epistemic Expressivism

University of Edinburgh, 15-16 October, 2011.

Details, including online registration can be found here:

Speakers include: Matthew Chrisman, Terence Cuneo, Allan Gibbard, Klemens Kappel, Michael Lynch, Michael Ridge, Benjamin Schneider, Moritz Schulz, Folke Tersman, and Seth Yalcin.

The workshop dinner will be at Chop Chop in Edinburgh (near Haymarket Station).


5 Responses to Workshop on Epistemic Expressivism

  1. Jamie Dreier says:

    I suggest somewhat more advance notice for workshops, Campbell (et al.). This is something I would have liked to attend, but for a Transatlantic trip I’d need a lot more lead time.
    Just a thought.

  2. Campbell Brown says:

    Thanks, Jamie. I’ll pass this along to the organisers (I’m only the messenger).

  3. Michael Ridge says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Of course we should have advertised much sooner; mea culpa. Sorry not to have gotten the word out before now.

  4. CLS says:

    The one woman who is presenting is not listed in the “Speakers included”

  5. Michael Ridge says:

    That post is out of date. When it was originally posted, Lara Warenski was not yet on the program. We are now very happy to have her on board. The latest version of the program, as well as other details, can be found here: