Public Philosophy at its Best: Better Argument with John Corvino

John Corvino has a newish series of philosophically informative videos that are super clear and helpful. Consider giving them a look at his YouTube channel here.

It would be lovely if folks who know of other good public philosophy would post it below in the comments.

Author: David Sobel

David Sobel works in ethics, practical reason, theory of value, and political philosophy. His book From Valuing to Value was published by OUP in 2016. He co-edits Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. His dog is better than your dog.

One Reply to “Public Philosophy at its Best: Better Argument with John Corvino”

  1. I’m know that many people are familiar with this, but it is certainly worth mentioning: the “Hi-Phi Nation” podcast ( It’s a very well-produced podcast by Barry Lam (Vassar College) that uses a narrative format (similar to podcasts like “Radiolab” and This American Life”) to introduce philosophical ideas. It has piqued the interest of several non-philosopher family members and friends of mine. Also, it just got picked up by Slate Magazine, so that means it’ll be getting a lot more exposure to the general public.

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