Welcome to our online discussion  of Juliana’s Bidadanure’s recent publication in Politics Philosophy & Economics ‘Making Sense of Age-Group  Justice: A Time For Relational Equality?’.  » …Read more

We are thrilled to have our first Politics, Philosophy & Economics online discussion in Pea Soup’s new format.

On the 28th of September 2016  we will be discussing Juliana Bidadanure‘s outstanding paper “Making Sense of Age-Group Justice: A Time for Relational Equality?”.  » …Read more

This one day-conference aims to raise and explore problems surrounding the following questions: do we have responsibilities as participants in the global economy? What are the grounds of these responsibilities?  » …Read more

We are pleased to present our first Politics Philosophy & Economics discussion of AJ Julius's paper 'The Possibility of Exchange'.  Julius's paper is available on open access here.  » …Read more

We're very pleased to announce the first PEA Soup discussion of a paper published in Politics Philosophy & Economics.  We will kick off with A.J.  » …Read more