The philosophy department at the University of Colorado Boulder is now accepting applications for the 2016 Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy, which will run from July 18th through August 4th in Boulder.    » …Read more

If you're interested in being a commentator at our upcoming Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress this August in Boulder, Colorado (or if you'd just like to see a preliminary main conference program),  » …Read more

University of Colorado, Boulder 
August 5-8, 2010 
Boulder, Colorado

an international conference geared to offer the highest quality, highest altitude discussion of ethics,  » …Read more

While we’re on the topic of CFP’s for August 2008, let me announce the fact that we are starting a new summer ethics conference here at the University of Colorado at Boulder.   » …Read more

Stephen Darwall has advanced the rational care theory of welfare, a metaethical thesis about the meaning of welfare judgments.  Somewhat informally, here’s the view:

RCTW: to say that some state of affairs x would be good for someone is to say that anyone who cares for that person should desire that x occur for his sake;  » …Read more