Medical advances have provided the possibility to screen for a variety of conditions during pregnancy. This can offer parents the opportunity to prepare to raise a child with those conditions,  » …Read more

Broome (2019) discusses several philosophers who have denied that individual people cause harm via emissions and resultant climate change. He calls these philosophers “individual denialists”.  » …Read more

Consider the following case, culled from the authors’ lived experiences (with slight modifications). You are in the fortunate position of marrying into a family with the financial means to offset a substantial amount of the cost of an otherwise unaffordable wedding.  » …Read more

[Herewith our second post for Applied Ethics April, by Matt King.]

‘Death with Dignity’ statutes, as they’re often called, allow terminally ill patients to bring about their own deaths under a very specific set of conditions.  » …Read more

[What follows is a guest post by Anca Gheaus, of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, our first contender for the prestigious Applied Ethics April PEA Soup Award.]

Consider these alternative stories involving two characters,  » …Read more