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The Most-Viewed Posts of 2017, Tippety-Tip-Top

Number 5: Chrisoula Andreou’s “Decisive Reasons and Rational Supererogation

Number 4: David Sobel’s “(Additional) Reasons to Rule Out Initiating Sexual Relationships with Those You Have Power Over

Number 3: NDPR Forum: Jason Brennan’s Against Democracy 

Number 2: By far our most-read original discussion post of the year was Vida Yao’s and Sam Reis-Dennis’s Featured Philosophers’ “‘I Love Women’: The Conceptual Inadequacy of ‘Implicit Bias’.”

Number 1: No surprise, in this year that started out so tragically for moral philosophy, our most-read post of 2017 was our notice of “The Death of Derek Parfit.”

Thanks so much to all of our contributors and readers for a great year discussing Philosophy, Ethics, and Academia (the PEA in PEA Soup). It will be our pleasure to serve more Soup for you in 2018 and beyond. Have a Happy New Year!

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Most-Viewed Posts of 2017, Group 2

Continuing on with our look back at the most-viewed discussions this past year:

Our top five posts of the year next!

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Top-Viewed 2017 Posts (and teaser for upcoming Kit Wellman forum)

What a year! Our first full year on the new site and under the guidance and financial support of the Prindle Institute seemed to have brought many new readers to the scene, as well as many new features and lots of excellent philosophy. Over the next few days, we’ll revisit our top-viewed posts of the year. And teaser: We’ll end the week by opening up a new forum on Kit Wellman’s new book, Rights Forfeiture and Punishment, which will feature familiar discussants from around the world. All are, as always, welcome to join in on the discussion.

We’ll re-introduce the top posts in three groups of five throughout the coming week. Our first group involved featured philosophers, NDPR forums, and journal discussions.

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Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI): Time to Apply

See link for information and instructions for applying here.

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Ethics in the News: The Initials-Etching Surgeon

What are the wrong-making features in this case? These are what seem to be the relevant details:

“According to British news reports, Mr. Bramhall, 53, admitted to using an argon beam — an electrified gas jet that liver surgeons typically employ to stanch bleeding or to mark an area of operation on an organ — to etch “SB,” his initials, onto the livers. Argon beam marks are usually not harmful and would normally disappear. But they were apparently discovered by a colleague when one of the patients underwent a follow-up operation.”

Suppose instead he had sewn a suture in a distinctive way, his “signature style.” Would that too have been “assault”?

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Cliched Thanksgiving Post: What moral philosophy are YOU thankful for?

As Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s time to pause and take stock of how you got to be who you are, at least as a moral/political philosopher, and what giant’s shoulders you’ve been standing on to see as far as you’ve seen. What’s the ONE moral/political philosophy book or article you’re most thankful for and how did it influence you?

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Tulane/Murphy Institute Fellowships!

The Center for Ethics and Public Affairs at the Murphy Institute at Tulane University invites applications for three Visiting Research Professorships/Faculty Fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year.

These fellowships are available to support outstanding faculty whose teaching and research focus on ethics, political philosophy, and political theory, or questions of moral choice in areas such as, but not restricted to, business, government, law, economics, and medicine.

While fellows will participate in conferences and seminars organized by the Murphy Institute, they will be expected to devote most of their time to conducting their own research. Faculty Fellows are normally appointed as Visiting Research Professors, receive a salary of $65,000, and are eligible for Tulane faculty benefits, including health insurance.

The application deadline is December 31, 2017.


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