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Interview Series on Philosophy of Action

Istvan Zardai (Keio University) has been conducting and posting some very cool “mini-interviews” with leading philosophers of action over the past year, on the site Philosophy of Action. Check it out! It includes interviews with Michael Smith, Randy Clarke, Pamela Hieronymi, Manuel Vargas, Kieran Setiya, Christine Korsgaard, Al Mele, Eddy Nahmias, Santiago Amaya, and many, many more (22 more, in fact).

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VIRTUE, an Ethics Consultancy

From Reid Blackman:

I recently founded VIRTUE, an ethics consultancy. VIRTUE helps businesses identify where they are at risk of ethical misconduct that threatens their brand and bottom line. Think, for instance, of #BoycottStarbucks, #MeToo, and #DeleteFacebook. We then work with those businesses to systematically mitigate that risk.

The issues VIRTUE addresses are wide-ranging and include, for instance, gender equity, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, biotechnology, diversity, human rights, privacy, the environment, governance, and inequality.

Philosophers who are interested in working with VIRTUE on a per-project basis can find information here. We are looking for philosophers of all ranks and signing up to be notified about potential projects that match one’s interests and expertise takes about 5 minutes. Any questions can be directed to


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I wish I knew then what I know now about…moral responsibility

Let us know your special (perhaps hard-earned) insights into the field of moral responsibility. Think of it as a way to provide a shortcut to those just starting in the field. Could include articles/books, arguments, or views you wish you’d known about much earlier than you did.

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NDPR Forum: Joseph Millum’s The Moral Foundations of Parenthood

Welcome to another NDPR Forum, this one on Joseph Millum’s The Moral Foundations of Parenthood (OUP 2018), recently reviewed in NDPR by Liezl van Zyl. As always, all are welcome to join in on the discussion.


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NDPR Forum: Inner Virtue

Welcome to our forum on Nicolas Bommarito’s Inner Virtue (OUP 2017), reviewed recently by Brad Cokelet on NDPR. Please join in the discussion!


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NDPR Forum: The Normativity of Rationality

Welcome to our NDPR Forum on Benjamin Kiesewetter’s book The Normativity of Rationality (OUP 2017), recently reviewed by Alex Worsnip at NDPR. Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the book, the review, or the discussion below.


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WiNE Program Out

The program for the 2019 Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics (WiNE) is now available here.

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