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Call for Participants and Discussants: Climate Ethics and Climate Economics

Call for Participation and Discussants

Climate Ethics And Climate Economics: Fat Tails – Imposing and Redistributing Risks
Workshop at the London School of Economics
Convened by Kai Spiekermann and Jonathan Aldred, supported by the ESRC

14-15 September 2016

Accompanied by public lectures given by Prof Pindyck and Prof Gardiner on the evening of the 13th and 15th of September
The third of six ESRC-funded workshops on Climate Ethics and Climate Economics

We are now looking for participants. Priority will be given to participants willing to act as discussants.


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New Directions for Expressivism

17th – 19th August 2016

University of Sheffield

Call for Abstracts

The aim of this conference is to explore new and recently initiated lines of inquiry into meta-normative expressivism.

Several slots in our programme are available for short presentations from early career philosophers. We thus invite abstracts of 500-1000 words from graduate students and those who have completed their PhD in the last three years. Submissions must be suitable for 20 minute presentations, which will be followed by ten minutes of Q&A.

We are open to submissions on various issues relating to expressivism. In addition to issues concerning the nature of expressivist theories of moral and practical normativity, we are interested in submissions on epistemic expressivism, aesthetic expressivism, hybrid theories, the nature and prospects of the quasi-realist project, the Frege-Geach problem, and so on.



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Climate Ethics and Climate Economics: ‘Efficiency Without Sacrifice’: A Novel Way to Fund Mitigation?

The second of six ESRC-funded workshops exploring issues where the ethics and economics of climate change intersect will be held at the University of Nottingham on 13-14 April 2016. The keynote speakers will be John Broome and Armon Rezai.

The spotlight in the workshop will be on recent proposals to shift the burden of mitigating climate change to future generations. The idea is to mobilize resources today for mitigation investments in a manner that does not involve any or only modest net-costs today. This might be done by taking on public debt in some form or through diverting investments from some sectors towards mitigation and increasing consumption of resources we would otherwise pass down to future generations,. What John Broome has called ‘efficiency without sacrifice’ might break the political logjam and encourage the present generation to take action, while still leaving future generations better off than they would be in the absence of climate mitigation. The idea is attracting increasing attention from both economists and political theorists, but is still new and in need of discussion. Is it even possible to shift the burden in this way, and if so, would it be justified?

Preference will be given to proposals on the workshop theme, but we will also consider other proposals at the intersection of climate ethics and climate economics. We have space for up to seven additional presentations, and an equal number of discussants. Funds are available to cover accommodation and internal travel expenses for three research students and early-career researchers. Papers will be circulated before the workshop.

Those wishing to present a paper should submit a 500-word abstract by 1 March to both Aaron Maltais ( and Matthew Rendall ( Anyone interested in serving as a discussant should send the organizers an expression of interest by the same date. Applications simply to sit in on the workshop are also welcome. If applying for funding, please indicate that you are a student, or the year that you received the PhD.

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Scanlon conference at Manchester

Conference Announcement:

"Justice, Rights and Institutions: Themes from the Political Philosophy of T. M. Scanlon"

(Apologies for cross-posting. This conference now has an increased capacity, and so registration has just re-opened. Deadline for registration is 18 March 2009)


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Constructivism at Sheffield

The Department of Philosophy of the University of Sheffield supported by the
Arts and Humanities Research Council will be hosting a series of events in 2009
devoted to the theme of Constructivism in Practical Philosophy.

7th February 2009
Workshop: Constructivism in Political Philosophy
Kirsten Budde (University of Sheffield)
Aaron James (University of California at Irvine)
Miriam Ronzoni (European University Institute, Florence),
Andrew Williams (University of Warwick)

28th March 2009
Workshop: Constructivism and Normative Epistemology
Simon Blackburn (University of Cambridge)
Matthew Chrisman (University of Edinburgh)
James Lenman (University of Sheffield)
Valerie Tiberius (University of Minnesota)

20th June 2009
Workshop: Constructivism and Practical Reason
Carla Bagnoli (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Michael Ridge (University of Edinburgh)
Yonatan Shemmer (University of Sheffield)
Jussi Suikkanen (University of Leeds)

14th-16th August 2009
Conference: Constructivism in Practical Philosophy
Michael Bratman (Stanford University)
Dale Dorsey (University of Kansas)
Nadeem Hussein (Stanford University)
Aaron James (University of California at Irvine)
James Lenman (University of Sheffield)
Michael Ridge (University of Edinburgh)
T. M. Scanlon (Harvard University)
Yonatan Shemmer (University of Sheffield)
Sharon Street (New York University)
Valerie Tiberius (University of Minnesota)
Jay Wallace (University of California at Berkeley)
Andrew Williams (University of Warwick)

Project Coordinators
James Lenman (
Yonatan Shemmer (

Administrative Assistant
Heather Arnold (

Steering Committee
James Lenman, Yonatan Shemmer, Michael Ridge, Valerie Tiberius

Further details are or will be posted here:

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BSET 2008

British Society for Ethical Theory Annual Conference 2008

University of  Edinburgh
14 – 16 July 2008

1. Carla Bagnoli (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): Practical Reflection and Agential Authority
2. Campbell Brown (University of Edinburgh): The Composition of Reasons
3. Krister Bykvist and Jonas Olson (
Jesus College and Brasenose College, University of Oxford): Expressivism and Certitude
4. William Dunaway (
University of Southern California): Minimalist Semantics and the Problem of Creeping Minimalism
5. Barbara Herman (UCLA): TBA
6. Ulrike Heuer (
University of Leeds): Wrongness and Reasons
7. Martin Peterson (
University of Cambridge): The Asymmetry Argument
8. Wlodek Rabinowicz (
Lund University): TBA
9. Mark Schroeder (
University of Southern California): Holism, Weight and Undercutting
10. Alan Strudler (
University of Pennsylvania): The Distinctive Wrong in Lying
Jonathan Way (University of Californian Santa Barbara): Defending the Wide-Scope Approach to Instrumental Reason

NB. BSET’s own website is currently out of action as we are moving to a new web host. We hope to fix this soon. Meantime all info on this Edinburgh conference will be at the Edinburgh website.

Pricing information and a booking form will be posted at the conference website shortly.

Conference Organiser: Elinor Mason
Conference Assistants: Ana Barandalla Ajona, Liz Ellis, Mog Stapleton
Conference Editors: Elinor Mason, David McCarthy, Mike Ridge.
Please send any inquiries about the conference to the Organizer:

The British Society for Ethic
al Theory would like to thank the above for their help. We would also like to thank to thank the Mind Association and the University of Edinburgh for their generous support of this conference as well as all those who have assisted us by refereeing submitted papers.

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