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Call for Book Nominations!

North American Society for Social Philosophy Book Award
Each year the North American Society for Social Philosophy honors the best book published in
social philosophy during the previous year. The Book Award Committee invites you to nominate
a book to compete for the award for 2018. (For the purposes of this award, a book’s eligibility is
determined by the year of its copyright rather than by the year of its release.)


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VIRTUE, an Ethics Consultancy

From Reid Blackman:

I recently founded VIRTUE, an ethics consultancy. VIRTUE helps businesses identify where they are at risk of ethical misconduct that threatens their brand and bottom line. Think, for instance, of #BoycottStarbucks, #MeToo, and #DeleteFacebook. We then work with those businesses to systematically mitigate that risk.

The issues VIRTUE addresses are wide-ranging and include, for instance, gender equity, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, biotechnology, diversity, human rights, privacy, the environment, governance, and inequality.

Philosophers who are interested in working with VIRTUE on a per-project basis can find information here. We are looking for philosophers of all ranks and signing up to be notified about potential projects that match one’s interests and expertise takes about 5 minutes. Any questions can be directed to


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WiNE Program Out

The program for the 2019 Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics (WiNE) is now available here.

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Upcoming NDPR Forums and New Review Forum Editors

I just wanted to let you know of several upcoming NDPR Forums on the Soup. On Wednesday, July 18, we will host a discussion of Benjamin Kiesewetter’s book The Normativity of Rationality (OUP 2017) and its recent review in NDPR by Alex Worsnip. On July 23, we will host a discussion of Nicolas Bommarito’s book Inner Virtue (OUP 2017) and its NDPR review by Brad Cokelet. Finally, in early August, we will host a discussion of Joseph Millum’s book The Moral Foundations of Parenthood (OUP 2018) and its NDPR review by Liezl van Zyl. So make sure to keep up with the hot and tasty happenings on Summer Soup!

While I’m here, let me also welcome Sukaina Hirji and Daniel Wodak to the Soup as our new Review Liaisons. They will be taking up the reins in handling both the NDPR Review Forums and our recently-begun Ethics Review Forums. So welcome to them both!

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Sanders Public Philosophy Prize

There will be two Sanders Public Philosophy prizes available this year, one for an unpublished essay, and one for a previously published essay. The deadline for both is 15 September 2018. The award for each prize is $4,500. In addition, the top three unpublished essays will be passed to the Editorial Director and a Senior Editor at Aeon and will be considered carefully for publication. Any essay which is not accepted for publication will be given a written report from the senior editor about its strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for alternative publication venues. No more than one essay per author will be considered across the two prizes.


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SLACRR 2018 Program

St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality

May 20-22, 2018

All talks are in the Moonrise Hotel, St. Louis, MO.
Sunday, May 20
Keynote address: Mark van Roojen (Nebraska)

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MANCEPT Workshops: Call for Convenors

The MANCEPT Workshops is an annual conference in political theory, organised under the auspices of the Manchester Centre for Political Theory. This year’s conference will take place on Monday 10 September to Wednesday 12 September

at the Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester. The conference offers academics an opportunity to come together in a series of workshops so as to develop specialised work and engage in lively philosophical discussion. Attracting scholars throughout the world, the conference is now established as a leading international forum dedicated to the development of research in all subfields of political theory.

We are now accepting applications for workshop convenors. Applications are made by submitting a short (500 word) abstract describing the subject of your workshop.

The deadline for workshop proposals is Wednesday 21 March 2018.

If you are interested in convening a workshop or require any further information please e-mail the workshop organisers Nicola Mulkeen, Ruxandra Ivănescu, Giacomo Floris, and Joseph Roberts at:

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