Call for Abstracts

May 20-22, 2018, Moonrise Hotel, St. Louis, MO

Keynote Speaker: Mark van Roojen (Nebraska)

SLACRR provides a forum for new work on practical and theoretical reason,  » …Read more

After considered deliberation, the editors and readers have chosen the recipients of the first annual PEA Soup Awards! This year we gave away over $4,000 in awards to some amazing ideas.  » …Read more

The nominations are in for the PEA Soup Reader’s Choice Awards! The following four papers discussed in the 2016-2017 academic year have been nominated for the Reader’s Choice Paper Prize.  » …Read more

We’re excited to announce our next Philosophy & Public Affairs discussion, on Justin Tosi and Brandon Warmke’s paper, “Moral Grandstanding.” The paper is available through open access here.  » …Read more

Welcome to the third Journal of Moral Philosophy discussion here at PEA Soup. It will take place on July 21-23. This is sure to be another insightful and productive discussion,  » …Read more

The deadline for the First Annual PEA Soup Awards has been extended until July 31. To nominate your favorite ethics writing on PEA Soup and around the web for $4,000 in cash prizes,   » …Read more

Fifth Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Tucson AZ

Each session will be 1 hour and forty-five minutes. The speaker will have 30 minutes to summarize his or her paper.  » …Read more