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CfA: The Ethics of Giving

Submission deadline: January 9, 2017

Conference date(s): May 23, 2017 – May 25, 2017  [Go to the conference’s page]

The conference will feature talks by Peter Singer, Hilary Greaves, Larry Temkin, Laurie Paul, Christian Barry, and several other prominent figures.

We hope to include up to ten talks by postgraduate students and early career researchers. Funding permitting, we may be able to fully reimburse for travel/accommodation. If you are interested in applying, please submit an abstract of around 500 words to Theron Pummer (at by 9 January 2017. Please allow 2-3 weeks after this deadline for decisions to be made.


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CFP: PPE Society Panel on Policy Epistemology

The newly formed Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Society is hosting its first annual conference from March 16th to March 19th,2017 in New Orleans. The conference contains a variety of panels, and we’re hosting one on policy epistemology. Policy epistemology concerns questions surrounding the ethics of belief and advocacy regarding public policy, especially with respect to those who formulate and implement policy. How much evidence does one require in order to justify an expansion of public health insurance? How high of an evidential bar must empirical evidence satisfy before it can justify legal restrictions, such as regulations on carbon emissions? How should we handle rational disputes about social scientific questions as they bear on public policy? For instance, how seriously should we take the fact that macroeconomic policy is the subject of enormous disputes between expert economists in formulating countercyclical policy? Does disagreement prevent government officials from implementing, say, Keynesian countercyclical economic policy?

If you would like to present at the PPE society on topics falling under the general heading of policy epistemology, I encourage you to submit an abstract of fewer than 250 words to me at before the end of the year, December 31st, 2016.

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CFP: 5th Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

We are pleased to announce that the Fifth Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy will take place on October 12-15, 2017 in Tucson, Arizona.

There will be nine papers at this year’s workshop, including three invited papers.

We are issuing a call for papers to fill the remaining six slots. Submitted papers should be between 7,500 and 12,000 words including footnotes, should be totally anonymized, and are due by Feb. 1, 2017. Accepted papers for the conference will receive serious consideration for inclusion in the resulting Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy volume.


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CfP: NUSTEP’s 11th Annual Conference

The Northwestern University Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP) will be holding its Eleventh Annual conference at Northwestern University on March 30–April 1, 2017. The conference will feature keynote addresses by Marcia Baron and Kieran Setiya. We are now accepting paper submissions.

Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions from faculty and graduate students, as some sessions will be reserved for student presentations. Please submit an essay of approximately 4000 words. Essay topics in all areas of ethical theory and political philosophy will be considered, although some priority will be given to essays that take up themes from the work of Marcia Baron and Kieran Setiya: agency, akrasia, Hume’s ethics, friendship, impartiality and partiality, Kant’s ethics, know-how, liberalism, love, loyalty, moral epistemology, philosophy of law, rationality, reasons, self-defense, and self-love.

Essays should be prepared for blind review in word, rtf, or pdf format. Graduate submissions should be sent by e-mail to; faculty submissions should be sent by e-mail to The deadline for submissions is January 10, 2017. Notices of acceptance will be sent by February 15. For more information, please contact Kyla Ebels-Duggan at the e-mail address above or visit our website.

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CfP: Speculative Ethics Forum, Nov. 19, St. John’s University

The Speculative Ethics Forum is a one day workshop-style event in which we’ll consider the most challenging matters of ethics. Ethical approaches of all sorts are welcomed–analytic, continental, ancient, medieval, Asian, and so on. Most papers are invited. However, there are two slots open for submissions. Any paper in ethical theory will be considered for acceptance. Bold and speculative inquiries are preferred to papers that primarily defend ground already gained or papers that are primarily scholarly. Our aim, in short, is to have a single day concentrated on expanding the horizons of ethics.


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CfP: Philosophy’s Practical Turn

The Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities (YJLH) is seeking full submissions for a symposium section of the Spring 2017 issue. The journal seeks submissions that employ methods of philosophy (broadly construed) to investigate practical legal issues. We hope to publish articles representative of an array of philosophical traditions and contemporary issues. The special section aims to exemplify how philosophical approaches and insights provide distinctive and significant contributions to practical legal debates.


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Call for Participants and Discussants: Climate Ethics and Climate Economics

Call for Participation and Discussants

Climate Ethics And Climate Economics: Fat Tails – Imposing and Redistributing Risks
Workshop at the London School of Economics
Convened by Kai Spiekermann and Jonathan Aldred, supported by the ESRC

14-15 September 2016

Accompanied by public lectures given by Prof Pindyck and Prof Gardiner on the evening of the 13th and 15th of September
The third of six ESRC-funded workshops on Climate Ethics and Climate Economics

We are now looking for participants. Priority will be given to participants willing to act as discussants.


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