[Herewith our second post for Applied Ethics April, by Matt King.]

‘Death with Dignity’ statutes, as they’re often called, allow terminally ill patients to bring about their own deaths under a very specific set of conditions.  » …Read more

[What follows is a guest post by Anca Gheaus, of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, our first contender for the prestigious Applied Ethics April PEA Soup Award.]

Consider these alternative stories involving two characters,  » …Read more

We are pleased to announce the new PEA Soup Quarterly Topic Awards!! Every third month, from here on out, we will invite submissions from any of our readers for posts on the Soup about a particular topic in moral and political philosophy.  » …Read more

Welcome to what we expect will be a very interesting and productive discussion of Michael Cholbi and Alex Madva‘s, “Black Lives Matter and the Call for Death Penalty Abolition.”  » …Read more

We are excited to announce the return of the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy discussion! This time we’ll look at Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin’s “A View of Racism: 2016 and America’s Original Sin”,  » …Read more