Don’t change that dial. We will have a discussion with Errol Lord on Thurs, Nov. 8th.

The remaining Featured Philosophers Schedule looks like this:

November 14: Julia Markovits

Dec 12: Alex Guerrero

January 28: Jonathan Quong

Feb 11: Heidi Maibom

Feb 18: Ellie Mason

Feb 25: Japa Pallikkathayil

March 7: Valerie Tiberius

March 20: Julia Driver

April 8: Hille Paakkunainen

April 22: Stephanie Leary

May 1: Luvell Anderson

May 13: Nate Sharadin  » …Read more

This is the first in our new series of featured philosophers. Many more to come. For the schedule look here.

Ambitious Moral Perceptualism and Moral Knowledge from the Armchair

by Preston Werner

For a few years,  » …Read more

Preston Werner will discuss “Ambitious Moral Perceptualism and Moral Knowledge from the Armchair” on Halloween.

A reminder of the awesome lineup we have for our Featured Philosopher Series.  » …Read more