We’re excited to announce our next Ethics discussion, which will be about Jonathan Leader Maynard and Alex Worsnip‘s “Is There a Distinctively Political Normativity?”  » …Read more

I just wanted to let you know of several upcoming NDPR Forums on the Soup. On Wednesday, July 18, we will host a discussion of Benjamin Kiesewetter’s book The Normativity of Rationality (OUP 2017) and its recent review in NDPR by Alex Worsnip.  » …Read more

I am pleased that PEA Soup will feature an exchange on Hanno Sauer’s book Moral Judgements as Educated Intuitions. Regina Rini reviewed this book in the most recent issue of Ethics.  » …Read more

Welcome to a newish series at Soup in which authors whose books were recently reviewed at Ethics continue the discussion with their reviewer.  » …Read more

Welcome to what we expect will be a very interesting and productive discussion of Michael Cholbi and Alex Madva‘s, “Black Lives Matter and the Call for Death Penalty Abolition.”  » …Read more

With this post we are starting a new feature at PEA Soup: Author replies to book reviews published in Ethics. Our inaugural discussion is between Chrisoula Andreou (Utah) and Justin Snedegar (St.  » …Read more