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Excellent Moral Philosophy Books of Last 5 Years?

We’re coming up on a semester break, at which point I always try to read a good recent moral philosophy book, just to keep up with the kids, and perhaps to spur a new research project. Toward that end, and also to help keep others apprised, I’d enjoy people chiming in with their picks for a book or two published in that last several years (up to 5) that they think is worth reading and why. Stick to our general category (moral philosophy, broadly construed to include political philosophy, agency & responsibility, and moral psychology).

I’ll start: Jonathan Glover, Alien Landscapes? (OUP, 2014). I read this last Xmas break. Includes detailed discussion of various mental disorders and what they might mean for people’s responsibility status. Also aims to identify ways of “bridging the gulf between us.” Sensitive and very insightful, partially drawn from many interviews with patients at Broadmoor with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

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Favorite papers on: Kantian Ethics

Hoping folks will share with the group their favorite papers on the topic of Kantian ethics. Perhaps people might add what level they think the paper is most appropriate for (grad seminar, undergrad intro, etc.). A short explanation of what the paper says or what makes it great might be useful as well.

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