In The Possibility of Altruism Thomas Nagel introduces a distinction between motivated and unmotivated desires that has since become standard in discussions of action theory and moral psychology.   » …Read more

I am pleased to introduce the next PEA Soup Featured Philosopher, Miranda Fricker.  Profesor Fricker is currently the Director of the Mind Association,  » …Read more

Over the last decade, I have been developing an interconnected set of claims and arguments concerning the second-personal character of central moral phenomena.  My focus has been the deontic moral notions of obligation,  » …Read more

I am happy to announce that our next featured philosopher, Charles Mills, will have a post up on PEA soup a week from today.  Professor Mills is the John Evans Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy at Northwestern and his post will be titled "Black Radical Liberalism (and why it isn't an oxymoron)."   » …Read more

Thanks to Brad Cokelet and the PEA Soup crew for the invitation to join an illustrious line-up!

Earlier this year my first book was published (Confusion of Tongues: A Theory of Normative Language,  » …Read more