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NDPR Review Forum: Dale Dorsey’s The Limits of Moral Authority

How often have you read a book review and wondered what the author of the book might say in response to the reviewer? How often have you wanted to chime in and ask some more questions to the reviewer or author in light of a review? How often have you asked yourself rhetorical questions like this and wondered why no one is listening?

PEA Soup listens, and we’re here to end the rhetoric. Today we provide a new forum for discussion of NDPR book reviews of interest to our readers (topics in moral and political philosophy). And while we will invite the authors (of the review and the book) to show up for discussion, we are also inviting readers of the review or the book itself to air any questions or grievances about the book or the review they might have.

We begin with a brand new review by one of our Soupers of a book by another of our Soupers: Doug Portmore’s review of Dale Dorsey’s book The Limits of Moral Authority. Here’s the link to the review. All (relevant, thoughtful) comments on the book or the review are welcome!

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