We’re excited to announce our next Ethics discussion, which will be about Matthew Rendall‘s “Discounting, Climate Change and the Ecological Fallacy.” The paper is available through open access here. Samuel Scheffler has kindly agreed to contribute a critical précis.  » …Read more

Thanks so much to the Daves for inviting me to contribute!

I’m working on a book, Natural Reasons through Virtue, and I’d love your feedback on some of its central moves. The book’s thesis is that what it is to be a normative reason for action is to be a certain kind of premise in good practical deliberation,  » …Read more

[Herewith our second post for Applied Ethics April, by Matt King.]

‘Death with Dignity’ statutes, as they’re often called, allow terminally ill patients to bring about their own deaths under a very specific set of conditions. The purpose of such laws, made clear by their text and proponents’ arguments,  » …Read more

We’re pleased to announce our next Ethics review forum on John Oberdiek’s Imposing Risk: A Normative Framework (OUP 2017), reviewed by Madeleine. Excerpts from the blurb and the review are below, but you can read both in their entirety via OUP’s website and Ethics,  » …Read more

[What follows is a guest post by Anca Gheaus, of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, our first contender for the prestigious Applied Ethics April PEA Soup Award.]

Consider these alternative stories involving two characters, a girl and a boy.  » …Read more

Tomorrow we will begin our series of guest posts for “Applied Ethics April” with a post from Anca Gheaus (Barcelona), on parental choice of future children. After that, we will be posting new guest posts every Monday and Wednesday for the remainder of the month.  » …Read more

So pleased that our next featured philosopher is the wonderful Julia Driver. Here now is Julia:

I would like to thank the two Daves for the chance to talk about some of my more recent work.

The most significant project that I am working on currently is a book manuscript that lays out a sentimentalist approach to normative and meta-ethics,  » …Read more