Ethics Discussion at PEA Soup: Shmuel Nili’s “The Idea of Public Property,” with a critical précis by Barbara H. Fried

Welcome to what we expect will be a very interesting and productive discussion of Shmuel Nili‘s “The Idea of Public Property.” The paper is published in the most recent issue of Ethics, and is available here. Barbara H. Fried has kindly agreed to contribute a critical précis, and it appears immediately […] Read More

Upcoming JMP Discussion (Feb. 15th-16th) on Spencer Case’s “From Epistemic to Moral Realism”

We are excited to announce the next Journal of Moral Philosophy discussion here at PEA Soup. It will take place on Friday February 15th and Saturday the 16th. This discussion will be on Spencer Case‘s “From Epistemic to Moral Realism” (generously made free access by Brill Online and the Journal of Moral Philosophy), […] Read More

Ethics Review Forum: Kamtekar’s Plato’s Moral Pyschology, reviewed by Smith.

Welcome to our Ethics review forum on Rachana Kamtekar’s Plato’s Moral Psychology (OUP 2018), reviewed by Nicholas Smith. Excerpts from the blurb and the review are below, but you can read both in their entirety via OUP’s website and Ethics, respectively. (You are welcome to participate in the forum even if you haven’t read either. Though as […] Read More