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APPE Call for Proposals and Special PEA Soup Sessions

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics will be having their annual conference in Baltimore February 28-March 3 2019. They recently opened up their call for papers/proposals. Also, we have the same arrangement with APPE this year that we did last year. Winners of the annual PEA Soup awards will be eligible to participate in a couple of special invited sessions.

If you would like to submit something for independent consideration, the deadline is October 26.

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Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women

The Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy is currently recruiting both mentors and mentees for the upcoming job market season. The program matches eligible job candidates with a junior faculty mentor. 

Please note that the name for this program is somewhat misleading. The current policy is that you are eligible to sign up as either a mentor or mentee if at least one of the following applies to you:

-Assigned female at birth
-Identifies as a woman
-Does not identify as either a woman or a man

The program, started in 2014, is run entirely by volunteers.

Mentors should currently hold a permanent academic post and have had job market experience at the junior level in the past seven years. The application deadline for mentees is Sept 8th. Preference will be given to job candidates who have not participated in this mentoring program before.

Other job candidates seeking mentorship are encouraged to participate in the Cocoon Mentoring Project.

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NDPR Forum: Joseph Millum’s The Moral Foundations of Parenthood

Welcome to another NDPR Forum, this one on Joseph Millum’s The Moral Foundations of Parenthood (OUP 2018), recently reviewed in NDPR by Liezl van Zyl. As always, all are welcome to join in on the discussion.


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NDPR Forum: Ralph Wedgwood’s The Value of Rationality

Welcome to our NDPR Forum on Ralph Wedgwood‘s The Value of Rationality (OUP 2018), reviewed by Ali Hasan. Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the book, the review, or the discussion below!


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Valuing Babies?

I would value your help in thinking about how to use the term “valuing”. In the disreputable circles I run in, people tend to say that valuing is a higher order attitude that babies, who admittedly have lots of desires, lack. Some say, for example that one’s valuings are expressed only in what you want yourself to want, or what you believe good, and babies will lack such complicated attitudes. This has led Eden Lin to say that subjective views have a problem in that the typical subjectivist views, which tend to claim the well-being or reasons determining attitude is a more complex higher order attitude, cannot capture the well-being of babies.

I think the word valuing is used to point toward our authentic evaluative take on the world. The heroin addict desires heroin but does not value it because her first order desire does not speak for her or express her evaluative point of view. But because creatures with an evaluative point of view can differ so widely in other ways, it seems to me which attitudes speak for an agent can differ quite widely as well. That is, I want to try out saying, what it is for different creatures to value something can be quite different depending on their capacities and depth of attitudes. A baby has a very simple evaluative point of view. They don’t second guess their initial instincts the way us sophisticates do. But still, there is a clear sense in which they care about stuff and have an evaluative point of view. (more…)

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Ethics Discussion at PEA Soup: Jonathan Leader Maynard and Alex Worsnip’s “Is There a Distinctively Political Normativity?” with a critical précis by Alice Baderin

Welcome to what we expect will be a very interesting and productive discussion of Jonathan Leader Maynard and Alex Worsnip‘s “Is There a Distinctively Political Normativity?” The paper is published in the most recent edition of Ethics and is available through open access here. Alice Baderin has kindly agreed to contribute a critical précis, and it appears immediately below. Please join in the discussion!


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NDPR Forum: Inner Virtue

Welcome to our forum on Nicolas Bommarito’s Inner Virtue (OUP 2017), reviewed recently by Brad Cokelet on NDPR. Please join in the discussion!


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